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Friday, March 22, 2013

Puppy Pants

um... really mom?
So my sewing skills are minimal to non-existent.  Therefore, Magpie had to wait for her new pants until I had time to go to the Doggie Fashion Outlet (aka the thrift store). Here she is proudly modeling them.  She actually didn't mind too much.

We put them on after she came in, to protect the household surfaces from wet, muddy, gross doggy pantaloons.

Quite fashionable, don't you think?
So far, a success!  We will need to try them outside with some running and see if she can keep her pants on!!

I actually bought 4 different pairs (hey at 99 cents, you can go a little wild), so you may get to see the fashionista sporting some different looks.

A little visually disturbing, what with rainbow dog pants and sheepy pajama pants...

How her tail should be, if she wasn't so embarrassed.

A very patient pup.

Hopefully this weekend, she can try on the other pairs and I can show you a glimpse next week!

Happy Spring!!!!!!!


  1. Too cute. I'm pretty sure my Cisco would tear them off and hide them as soon as my back was turned. On the plus (or maybe not if I really think about it) she's an old lady (13+) so she stays pretty clean, except for the super hairy feet.

    1. She is very good with them! We tried the other 3 pairs on her and 2 worked! We figure she will only wear them as "after" pants. Like after she has played and got all muddy!


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