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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Muddy Wednesday

So it's spring in Montana.  For anyone that has ever lived in a mountain state, you know that spring is a fickle time of erratic change.  Mostly in the weather, but in emotional states as well.  Regardless of all that, spring means mud.  and then snow. and then mud. and then frozen mud. and then rain. and then mud, frozen mud and snow on top of frozen mud.  You get the idea.

I hate,despise, dread don't like mud. There are many reasons.

Primarily, I don't like mud because we have animals.  I hate feeding the horses and buffalo on mud.  The sheep are lucky to have feeders that we can use at this time of year, so they don't have to "eat mud" as it were.

Secondly, I don't like mud because we have animals that come inside.  This is the time of year that we can tell exactly what Smokey the cat has been up to because he leaves cute little mud prints everywhere... on the car hood and windshield, on the bathroom counter, on the kitchen counter, on the blanket we put on top of our comforter to protect us from said mud prints.  Needless to say we have not been able to convince him to wipe his paws.
Um... no.  I will not be wiping my paws.

The dogs are much better about paw wiping.  They haven't mastered doing it themselves, but know to sit in the mud room and give paw (4 times each!) for the mandatory toweling off.
I'm a good boy!
I'm a lioness on the Serengeti... (do you remember hot, hot summertime???)

Even Magpie was able to figure out how the paw wiping (although mind-numbingly slow in her humble opinion) was part of the going back in the house routine.

Yes, I know... once my feet are wiped I can lay on the kitchen floor.

Magpie. Herein lies our problem... and the reason for the first, uber-cute photo where she is claiming she needs pants.  One would assume if the issue is muddy paws, boots might be in order.  It is not, however her muddy paws that are a problem.  Muddy paws are easily wiped clean with a towel. No, Magpie's problem is that she has "pantaloons".  What, you may ask, are pantaloons?

Well I am not talking about this:

or even this:

No, these are Magpie's pantaloons:

the orange line shows roughly the back of her leg.  the rest is hair!
She has hair on her legs that is approximately 7 inches long and her tail is much like the old time wool dusters.  As you can imagine, they are mud-magnets.  And once the mud is on them, it WILL NOT come off. Until of course she is laying on the carpet...

So yes, she needs pants. or leg warmers. I even considered this lycra full body suit (all she would need is a red cape and some boots):
Super Dog!!!!!!
Anyway, as you can see Mud Season is even more of a challenge this year.  It has been suggested to "shear" her pantaloons off, which may still happen, however they are sooooo cute, I really can't bear to do it.

Maybe she'll become a fashionista (circa 1982) with her leg warmers and side pony tail...

All I know is that something must change.
And, although this would be my top choice, I don't think we will be able to eradicate the mud.

Stay tuned for updates!

PS- credit for the people pantaloons, the dog suit and the Superman clip are all due to Google Images.  I love Google :)

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  1. My Cisco also have amazing fluffy butt cheeks. Actually the only thing not hairy is her eyeballs and nose. As we are currently in the same cycle of snow, rain, sleet, mud, snow this idea has genuine merit.

    Love the superman outfit.



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