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Ashley Smith

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I wanna go to Summer Camp!

Yes, you heard me- I wanna go to Summer Camp!  Not right now (although the idea of summer already sounds fantastic...) and not just regular camp, where you swim in a stagnant pond and make wacky key chains out of braided plastic strips.  I am talking about HORSE CAMP!!!

Yay!  Doesn't it look super fun???

Here is the description from the Excel with Horses website:
Come join us at Horse Creek Ranch for a complete immersion into horsemanship. These fun and educational camps are a learning event of a lifetime.  Horse Creek Ranch will be your home for at least 5 days as Steve leads you to a higher level of understanding and communication with your horse. The things that you learn during your stay at the ranch will permanently change the way that you handle horses, in a positive way. This is a small group atmosphere that will insure lots of personal instruction from Steve.

Five (5!) whole days of horsie bliss... Steve is Steve Rother.  One can even stay in a teepee (well I think it is a teepee, on the site it is listed as T.P. and I recognize that abbreviation from my shopping list...).

Here's more details if you are interested: The School of the Horse: Horse Camps. I know, I know- it looks awesome, doesn't it?
The mule says "no thank you" to camp.

That brings us to... (wait for it...)

My bullet list of things that need to happen to pave my way to camp:
  • Time off- shouldn't be too big of an issue, as long as my dear husband doesn't mind manning the fort while I am off goofing around learning important stuff.
  • Trailering my buddy sour gelding (a.k.a "Big Baby") by himself to NE Washington (this issue is multi faceted as it also involves me driving the big Dodge and horse trailer...because, even though he offered, it doesn't seem fair to ask Brian to drop me off and pick me up)
  • And lastly, the big obstacle challenge: the cost. It is a totally reasonable price for the experience, I am just presently at a loss of how to come up with the dough.
The reason I am writing this post (aside from letting you in on a what looks like a great horse camp!), is because I am practicing asking the universe for what I desire.  The law of attraction and all that.  Also, and more practically, if I make it real by putting it out there, I will be motivated to make it work.  Yay me! 

This idea (horse camp) also encompasses my 3 life words; Love, Hope, Trust (you know, the blog name?)
Love the horses, Hope to learn better horsemanship, and Trust that I can make it happen.

Anyway, I would appreciate any ideas of how to make my dream a reality and your support by way of positive thoughts, prayers (if you do that sort of thing) and general optimism!!

Isn't he cute?  Shouldn't he go to camp next summer? 

  (and he is not as skinny as this photo makes him look! Yikes. I think it is the angle)

Oh yeah, and if you happen to find a big sack of cash, you know where to find me :)! Just kidding! (mostly...)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter- weather we like it or not!

Winter weather.  Ho hum.  I usually love the first snow storm, but I usually love it more when it happens in December...

Here's our forecast, courtesy of NOAA

Snow, snow, snow, snow and snow! Oh yes, and "Wintry Mix" whatever that is (I am guessing it is not like Chex mix.)

Anyway, even though it has been cold (14 degrees when I walked to work this morning!) it has been supremely beautiful.  When I walked through the field this morning, it was like walking through a field of beautiful, sparkly diamonds.  And then, a little tiny breeze came up and the diamonds turned into sparkle lights... I was a little late to work (imagine that!)
This photo doesn't do it justice- Sparkle lights!!!
 And walking through the field is so enjoyable due to this:
Beautifully mowed path
My husband spent last Thursday (pre-snow) harnessing horses, hooking up the sickle bar mower, mowing this path and then raking it with the side delivery rake (which decomposed during the job and had to be repaired- ho hum, the perils of junk equipment).  I feel very well loved :)

The bison like it as well- they have made it their main thoroughfare.

Next up- Crochet projects!