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Ashley Smith

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Small Farmer's Journal Auction/ Swap Meet

Yay!  We made it!

Ok, so it has taken me a while to post about this.  It's not because it we didn't have a good time (we had a GREAT time!) or because there aren't any photos (I remembered to take some!!) or anything like that.

What happened, as happens so often to all of us, is that life got in the way!

First, I only had one week home before we took off on our next adventure (Wyoming, with our horses. and yes I will post about that one next!) During this week I had to catch up on work from the previous week and then get things wrangled for the next week when I would be gone.  And throw into the mix that my boss of 7 years suddenly decided to throw in the towel and pursue a different career...(meaning I had to move my whole office space on top of getting used to the change).  Well time just slipped away.

So back to the story: 
We brought our horse trailer to sleep in and the puppies slept in it too!

Comfy nest, no? 
Although Willow really doesn't have any problems sleeping, anywhere...

Pooped pup
And we actually didn't sleep in the straw nest, we slept up front.  On a mattress.  I know, spoiled...

L.O.V.E. this trailer!!!

And the days were filled with this:

and this:

and this:

Lots of cool vehicles for sale there.

This was my favorite

Look at the bunks inside!!

and tack.

and mowers

even a windmill!

Some assembly required...

This beautiful team of paints were for sale.

(they did not come home with us)

and there was a sheep dog presentation.  It was super interesting to watch, but this is the only photo that I took that is any good (it's kind of hard to capture the sheep dog action...)

We ate.

Brian talking to the bears in front of the Black Bear Diner!
I spun.
This one got sick :( 
(and costs us a bunch of $$$ for "dietary indiscretion" - stinker)
Doesn't he look sad? He is all better now!
and this was the find of the auction!!! (yes Brian was the successful bidder)
Cool, vintage barbed wire.  Stuff we have never seen before!!!
I went to an educational seminar by the cheese makers at Cada Dia Cheese and bought some of their yummy feta and cheddar.  I crocheted a bunch while watching the auction.  All in all we had a super trip!

Well that's the story!  Hope you enjoyed it (and the photos).

Aren't we cute?  We've been thinking about a mini van, but maybe a Prairie Schooner would be better???