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Ashley Smith

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hyperactive Hair...

I see you there, in the shadow on the bathroom stall wall. Sticking up off the top of my head like a cockatiel's crest. 

My Hair.

oh my.

Look in the mirror and just burst into laughter.  I accept. But it is still funny.  This crazy ass hair that won't sit down... maybe my hair has ADHD.  Perhaps it needs more exercise and less sugar.  All I know is that it WILL NOT BEHAVE.

I have tried gel, brushing when wet, not brushing when wet, scrunching, blow drying (this was a big YIKES!!) resorted to scarves, hats, hairbands.  It is officially out of control.

I know now why I have always enjoyed my long hair- it was so much more manageable.  If it started acting up, a brush and a pony tail holder were all I needed to whip it into submission.  It was like having a good, old dog that understands how things work- we don't bark at everyone and everything, we don't jump up on people (especially sleeping people...), we don't beg at the table, we come when called.  This new hair, this short, curly wild hair, is like having a puppy- no manners and everywhere at once.

If only my hair was this cute...
I suppose, like a puppy, this hair will grow up and settle down.  The problem is this: we tolerate puppies' crazy behavior because they are so cute.  My hair? not so much.  I guess I will just have to tolerate it because it is attached to my head.

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