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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Surf's Up!! Wait a minute...

Montana Curl
Well... this is what I encountered when I went out to do the chores this morning.  In Malibu, CA I think this is known as a "sweet curl, dude."  Here it gets more of a "holy crap! What the hell happened??!!"  
Too much snow, just the right temperature and well you see - there it is. Plasti-snow.  Well at least it is entertaining. Even if I can't shoot the tube or whatever it is that surfers do.

Here are a couple more shots for you:

The little sign says if we aren't here we are riding... horses, not waves!

Look out little Neon!

Ice Foam
Well, I guess it is just another day in Paradise.  It was supposed to rain today, but luckily it hasn't yet.  and the snow has given us a break!

Think Spring (please!!!!)


  1. These are the best snow pictures ever! However, that doesn't mean I don't want the subject matter to disappear soon . . .

    - Kristie

  2. Great photos -- especially when I can enjoy them from sunny California!!

  3. you are a big stinker!!

    I hope you are enjoying a nice spring- it snowed here today :(

  4. Love this photo. People have no idea what we're enduring hear in western Montana just now, ha, ha.

  5. thanks Shelly- at least the snow is mostly gone here now. We actually had 2 whole days of sunshine woo hoo!

    Rest of the week: rain, rain, maybe some flurries.

    Come on Spring, you can do it!!!


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