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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Roller (aka A Post is Born)

So this is how my posts usually come about.

The screen saver on my computer is set to the “random photo” option. When I haven’t used my keyboard or mouse for about 5 minutes, it starts to rotate through all the photos in the “My Pictures” folder on the hard drive. I love it, although it has proven distracting to people trying to meet with my boss… One minute they are in deep philosophical discussion about a current issue on campus, the next minute they see a photo of my piggies pop up on my screen, or our cat with his Christmas tie on, or tapaderos or some such thing. I imagine, if you aren’t me, it would be a little bit discombobulating.

For me what happens is that I see a photo I love and then I want to post it and talk about it. Thus a blog post is born…

Today this photo captivated me:
Snow wonderful...

This is my adorable husband driving our (almost as adorable) Belgian team. The contraption he is driving is his Snow Roller. He built it himself with some old steel wheels, boards, bolts and a metal tongue he scavenged off something no longer driveable. He originally used a wooden tongue, but after this incident:

He decided metal is better for this application :) 
(thankfully, no horses or humans were injured in the making of this photo)

Driving this implement is his favorite winter-time activity. Neither one of us is much for snow (ha-ha on us for moving to the snow belt), but the Snow Roller makes it kinda fun. Conditions have to be just right, temperature above freezing, but not raining and then a good cold snap. If everything falls into place, Viola! I have a sidewalk to use for my walk to work! 

The holes are from the clod hoppers’ hooves!

Here’s some photos of hooking up 
(in the traditional sense, not the “down at the bar” sense) 

"Easy... Back..."

attaching the neck yoke

"Straighten up now boys. Good job"

Attaching the tug chains

And ready to roll! (pun intended…) 

 This is one winter-time happy camper!

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  1. Wow, this is great! Also, I love draft horses. Thanks for sharing this.


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