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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Headed to Madras

We are going here:

Madras, Oregon

to look at this:
and this:
and hopefully, not come home with any of these:

but, you never really know.  and we are bringing the horse trailer, (so that we can sleep out of the weather- but really, how convenient would that be...).

Yes, you guessed it- we are headed to the Small Farmer's Journal Auction this weekend.  Oh? you didn't guess that?  Well, now you know.

It is an awesome place for horsey types to co-mingle with others with common interests.  There are workshops and seminars on everything from horse training to blacksmithing to raising chickens.  There will be a sheep dog trial and a social event on Friday. Here is the link to the schedule: SFJ Auction Schedule.

Lots of neat horse-drawn vehicles for sale (these are all from last year):

Everyone needs a horse drawn hearse.

Water, anyone? That is the main man Lynn Miller in front of the water tank!

Coolest little dump-bed cart
And you see this all day:

And there is always a little political discussion:

In my mind, no truer words have ever been spoken...
Last year I met a wonderful couple from Halfway, Oregon who have Stonehaven Farm- a Shetland sheep farm!  I had to buy some of their beautiful roving (which I still haven't spun up-oops) and I think this year I will bring my wheel and sit and spin with them awhile.  I hope they are there again!!

So pack up yer wagons and head on down!  Sure to be enlightening and tons of fun!

See you next week! (and yes, I'll take pictures... geesh you all are demanding.)

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