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Friday, February 10, 2012

how about some photos?

Smokey, aka Cutest Cat in the World with his mouse toy
So in looking back through here recently it seems too text dense!  Here are some photos that I never posted:

At the Hitchin' Post
These are the boys, getting ready to pick up the elk that Brian got, the day before end of season this year!  You can see they are very excited to be put to work.

Here they are- Mule loaded up and ready to roll. (figuratively, not literally)
Um... the coat makes me appear a bit larger than life, Really.
 These two were taken in our back field, just as we were approaching the final stretch.  These were taken after Episode One, in which the mule broke loose from us, bucking and running, managed to dump EVERY bit of meat out of his packs and get his pack saddle wedged under his tummy.  Luckily, he is not a dumb mule and stopped at the gate for our assistance.  We obliged by re-loading everything back on him...

Ahhh, the drafties...
These sweetie-pies helped my husband move this ENORMOUS tree that had fallen and blocked our road.  Brian cut it enough to move it and they first dragged it into the front field.

Then, since there was still not much snow on Thanksgiving weekend, Brian hooked them up to the logging arch he constructed and they hauled it out to the burn pile.

Good boys!
 And these last ones are for anyone that is feeling like the snow should go away, or anyone in a warmer clime that might be gloating about how pretty it is where they are:

Pink sunrise, from our front deck

Photos can't really capture how surreal and beautiful this was

Ice fog tree
Well, Lisa and I are making soap tomorrow- Hurray!  I'll let you know how it goes and I also have some handspun to show off!!

Happy Valentine's day!


  1. OMG you live in some seriously beautiful country. Stunning just stunning. Where I live right now ... not so much.

  2. Thanks Mona- I can appreciate the beauty of the snow much more than my dear husband who is saddled with the responsibility of getting it out of the driveway and paths!


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