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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fiber Extravaganza!!

Even though it has been "hot, hot, sunny, bright, I can only stand to be inside after dark, summertime wonderfulness"... I still have a couple of fiber fun things to share!

First there is this:
Warp painting with Kristie!!
More photos can be found here: Blue Flag Handweaving Studio's Facebook page

This was a super way to spend a summer day.  We started at Kristie Sherrodd 's Studio, Blue Flag Handweaving Studio in Sandpoint, ID, where we talked about design, color wheels and looked at a bunch of painted warps. It is simply amazing how beautiful a scarf (or any fabric) can be with a painted warp.  Even simple plain weave can be transformed into a rhapsody of subtle color changes and depth. After some book work and planning, we measured off our own warp to paint and had lunch (as usual a highlight of my day!!)

After noontime sustenance, we reconvened in Kristie's carport to paint away.  Now, I always imagined that a painted warp entailed warping your loom and then painting the threads while they are on the loom.  Seems messy.  And, since a lot of dyes have to cure for 24 hours, time consuming.  There is, of course, another way: lay your warp chain out on a table to paint it.  Which is what we did.  So incredibly fun!!!  I highly encourage you to take a class with Kristie- she is a super teacher, uncommonly patient and exceedingly talented.

At the end of the day, we took our dyed warps home to cure and then wash.  Here is what mine looks like: (ok, I never took a photo of them, but Sharon's friend Al did at the Weaver's potluck and here is a link. Photo of my painted warp chain)

Which brings me to the next thing! The Third Annual Weaving Study Group Potluck - wahoo!
We had soo much fun- We ate, we talked, we toured, we drank, we spun.  Once again, I took zero photos, but here is a link (with permission) to Sharon's Flickr's photostream. 
Weave Study Group Potluck 
She and Al took a bunch of fantastic photos- they make our ranch look so beautiful.

ok, so lots of photos to look at, but none here... so here is one in parting!
Happy Chickens!
Next up...
The Bob.

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