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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Horse Love

Best Friends
Sometimes.  Other times, ears fly back, necks stick out and teeth are bared as my sweet little paint horse chases off this big Belgian gelding.  

My favorite parts of the day are the morning chores and the evening chores.  Even when the weather sucks (which lately is more often than not) or I'm tired or grumpy or whatever, going out and taking care of our animals always makes me feel better.

We had big plans to travel to Wyoming this weekend and do our "second annual elk antler hunt" (similar to an Easter egg hunt, but located in the sage brush and there aren't any bright colors to help you out!) We went last year and it was a blast- we found 6 big antlers and $404 cash (no joke- it was weathered and mouse chewed and under a sage bush), so needless to say I was geared up to "hunt" again!  This year however, the Bridger-Teton forest is keeping the critical winter elk habitat closed an additional 2 weeks, due to... you guessed it SNOW! I guess we aren't the only ones suffering from the winter that won't end.

Well, since we have the time off, the new trailer is all ready to go on its first trip (and I can not believe I don't have one photo of it) and we are emotionally all geared up to ride, we will be going somewhere locally where there is rumor of sun and springtime glory (I am keeping the actual whereabouts confidential, to protect the innocent) to ride and camp.  I am so excited, I can barely stand it!!

One of the biggest deals about traveling is finding someone to care for our stock while we are gone.  I hazard to say that there are not very many people who enjoy slogging around in the mud, hucking hay and hauling water as much as I do.

But this guy here:
I love camping!
 Insists it is time to go camping!  So off we will go.

The five of us, one year when we actually had summer...
I have two things I want to share with you:

1. Shelly at Butternut Woolens wrote a blurb on her blog about my snow curl photo and Brian's snow roller. (Thanks Shelly!)  Go visit her blog she has the most awesome hand-dyed yarns there!!!

2. I read about something called a Fibershed today on this blog: What's a Fibershed? Very interesting idea.  Local food is currently all the rage (for good reason), so local clothing seems like the logical next step.  go read about it and tell me what you think!!

And if you happen to see the sun, can you give it a message?  Northwestern Montana misses you and wishes you were here! 

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