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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skirting a Fleece!

I am a member of the Sandpoint Fiberarts Guild, but I rarely go to the meetings, since it is almost an hour there and an hour back. but tonight, one of the members is going to demonstrate how to skirt a fleece! Yippee! The timing couldn't be better, as we are now the proud owners of 4 wooly wonders (sheep, in case you didn't get it...) and I am hoping to shear them myself this spring. Here is the description from the guild website:

Emily Faulkner will bring a freshly sheared, unskirted fleece for a skirting demonstration. Skirting is the process of determining which parts of a fleece to keep and which to discard, depending on intended use.

Well, I can't wait to learn about fleeces. I will try and take some photos to post tomorrow!

I feel like I should learn how to spin, since I love to weave and now we have sheep, but it has never really appealed to me. I did see this cool operation while scouting the web today. A foot powered spindle- it looks fun! it might make me want to spin it up.

Happy weaving!

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